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August 13, 2021

Dallas Wedding Photographer | When to Wear the Veil?

When to wear the veil? A lot of brides ask me this question on the wedding day. It’s your day and you can totally do whatever you want. However, let me warn you that veils are a pain in the butt and difficult to tame…especially outside with all the elements. So, even though they are pretty, my recommendation is to NOT wear them all day.

So, when is the best time to wear it? If a couple is doing a first look. I would suggest to not wear the veil during that moment and wait for him to see it as you come down the aisle. (This also goes for Daddy-daughter first looks) A perk of not wearing the veil during first looks is that it won’t get tugged on or pulled out when you get hugged.

After the ceremony, you can wear the veil for your sunset portraits so you have photos with and without the veil. The truth of the matter is that veils are so pretty in portraits….you can swoop them, fly them and kiss under them….but variety is nice too. <3

No Veil vs. Veil

When to wear the veil?
Stephanie and Andrew at The Milestone

No Veil vs. Veil

When to wear the veil?
When to wear the veil?
Carley and Dustin at The Grand Ivory

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