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May 1, 2020

The last few months have been difficult for everyone. Staying at home ALL.THE.TIME. is not for everyone….especially those with small kiddos. I was going stir crazy and missing shooting weddings. It was difficult to keep Andrew and Anna entertained all day, everyday. They love each other and love to play together, however, after about an hour the tend to need a referee.

One day, Anna saw me playing with flatlays and decided she wanted to dress up as a bride and have me take pictures of her. She is such a girly girl! I love it! Obviously, I was super excited to do this for her.

She enlisted the help of her older brother to be her prince charming. At first, he wasn’t keen on the idea of dressing up and having mama take pictures of him but he quickly decided to join in on the fun.

Once we were all dressed, we walked over to our little neighborhood park and started our photoshoot. They did such a great job listening and I think they had as much fun as I did! Anna’s Frozen dress we got at Target paired very nicely with a suit that Andrew’s Nana had made him a couple of years back. (You can tell he had grown some since then! 🙂 )

Please enjoy these personal photos of my kids Andrew and Anna playing dress up! They are too stinking cute!

Andrew and Anna
Andrew and Anna
personal post

Aren’t they adorable? How did you keep yourself entertained throughout the stay at home orders of 2020? Want to learn more about this photographer? Check out this blog for a sweet mother and daughter session!

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