Winter Downtown Dallas Engagement | Paige and Logan

Engagement Session

December 19, 2021

Winter Downtown Dallas Engagement | Dallas Wedding Photographer

Paige and Logan’s Winter Downtown Dallas Engagement was the perfect ending to my 2021 season. They are seriously the cutest. I don’t normally get two engagement sessions with my couples…the fact that I already had the opportunity to get to know them made this session so much sweeter!

We met up at Hotel Crescent Court for this session, which was really nice because that is where they will have their wedding this summer.

Please enjoy some of my favorites from Paige and Logan’s engagement session!

engaged couple posing in front of hotel crescent court

More About The Couple

Do you have any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Logan: Well it is very stressful lol. I would definitely recommend taking a breath and remembering what you are planning for and try to enjoy the process rather than spending to much time stressing about it.

Paige: My advice to other couples planning their wedding would be not to stress about the small stuff and to remember the most important part is the two of you, and no matter how hard it might be at times, enjoy all of the moments leading up to the big day even those very stressful/crazy moments!

stylish dallas couple in front of hotel crescent court
a couple kisses in front of hotel crescent court

How was your overall session experience?

Our session experience was amazing, Kimberly is the sweetest!! We LOVE her and her very loving personality! She not only makes you feel so comfortable during your session but she is SO good at telling you how to pose and what to do to get those amazing shots!

engagement session at hotel crescent court

Share something interesting about your significant other!

Logan: Paige is a very passionate person when it comes to those she loves and will make you feel like she would fight off an army for you.

I love her so much for that because no matter what I always know that she is going to be there for me. Having someone like that in your life will make each moment special because you never have to worry about feeling alone or judged.

Paige: Something interesting about Logan is he should have been a professional chef; he is an amazing cook! Another interesting thing about Logan is even though he grew up in a house with all boys (two younger brothers) he is the cutest “big brother” with my two younger sisters and has been for the last 12 years! He is a great listener and advice giver, he never judges or makes anyone feel bad for being different then himself!

 Winter Downtown Dallas Engagement
hotel crescent court hotel-wedding
Winter Downtown Dallas Engagement
Winter Downtown Dallas Engagement
Winter Downtown Dallas Engagement
Winter Downtown Dallas Engagement

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