Rockledge Park Engagement Session | Gracie and Aaron

Engagement Session

May 31, 2021

Dallas – Fort Worth Wedding Photographer | Rockledge Park Engagement Session

A Rockledge Park engagement session has been on my bucket list FOREVER, so when Gracie told me that’s where she wanted to do her session I was overjoyed! Let me just say, it did not disappoint either! Rockledge Park is located off Grapevine Lake and offers breathtaking views. So thankful to have a break in the rain so we could have a beautiful evening shooting there. Anyone else over all this rain? It’s been a solid three weeks of rainy days and gray skies. All this to say, I’m ready for sunshine and outdoor time.

These two will be getting married at Bella Cavalli next year and I am already counting down the days.

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their dreamy Rockledge Park Engagement session.

More About The Couple

How did you two meet?

I have prayed my whole life for a man like Aaron. I just never knew the man I was supposed to be with lived only a short 15 minutes away from me my whole life! It turns out he was a frequent customer at the Sonic I worked at in High School, we were at the same sporting events, and even shared mutual friends (one of which was convinced if I ever met Aaron we would fall in love). However, our paths never crossed. Like with anything, God had His timing on when Aaron I were supposed to meet.

As senior year of High School came to a close, our friend Chris had a get together for all the Flower Mound kids that would be attending the University of Alabama in the fall, Roll Tide! This is when I met Aaron for the first time. I was immediately drawn to his confidence, kindness, and easygoing spirit. During our freshman year of college and throughout the summer our friendship continued to deepen. The moment we stepped back on campus for our Sophomore year, Aaron came over so we could chat and catch up on everything we had done that summer. That night with words unspoken, I realized that I love this man. We have been together ever since!

Rockledge Park Engagement session

What was it about your significant other that first attracted you to them?

Gracie: Aaron has the most kind and calming spirit. He’s my best friend; I am so thankful to have him as my partner in this crazy life.

Aaron: Gracie is magnetic, I was drawn to our ability to get completely lost in a conversation and forget about the world around us. She is warm, welcoming, and the perfect amount of goofy..

Rockledge Park Engagement session

Tell us your engagement story!

Gracie had graduated from Alabama and started grad school back in Dallas last spring. Meanwhile, I still had one more semester left in Alabama. At that time, all of our memories together had stemmed from Tuscaloosa, and I knew thats where I needed to ask her. So, I planned everything out, looped in all of our friends, and got ready for Gracie to come visit. When she got there, I told her that I had a special date planned and we were going to revisit all of our favorite places in Alabama and then end the night with a nice dinner. We got all dressed up and did exactly that – went to revisit all of our favorite places.

Little did she know that we had a photographer following and documenting our every move. We went to her old house on 13th street where we first realized that we were falling in love, drove down “The Strip” where we spent nights out with friends, and visited the Riverwalk where we loved to spend any sunny day together. After all of that, I took her to the neighborhood where I used to live and where we made so many memories with some of our closest friends. We walked down to the dock, on the neighborhood lake, where all of our friends were waiting for us with candles, flowers, and all that fun stuff. Finally, I got down on one knee and said something (I blacked out) that ended in her saying yes to spending her life with me.

Grapevine Lake Session

What has you most excited when you think about your wedding day?

Aaron- I can’t wait to see Gracie walk down the aisle!

Gracie- I am most excited to start our journey as husband and wife! I think about the moment we are going to say “I do” all the time! We have had a long engagement, so it’s really been a long time coming!

Rockledge Park Engagement session
Rockledge Park Engagement session

Do you have any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Spend some time soaking up the “just engaged” feeling before starting the stressful wedding planning process. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

How was your overall session experience?

Kimberly made our engagement session a wonderful experience! It was SO WINDY the day we took pictures (Thanks Texas weather), but Kimberly was able to work with the wind and get the most dreamy shots!

Rockledge Park Engagement session

Share something interesting about your significant other!

Gracie: Aaron ALWAYS finds the good in any situation!

Aaron: Grace is not the most “Grace”ful person and it always makes for funny and adorable moments.

Rockledge Park Engagement session
Rockledge Park Engagement session
Rockledge Park Engagement session
Rockledge Park Engagement session

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