Why it Shouldn’t Matter if Your Photographer has Worked at Your Venue


May 27, 2021

Dallas Wedding Photographer

I hear it time and time again, ” I went with someone who has been to my venue” It doesn’t matter that you loved their personality, their style, their organizational skills….you just felt like you “needed” someone who has worked at your venue before.

Well, I am here to tell you why it shouldn’t matter if your photographer has worked at your venue. A great photographer can quickly access the lighting and location of any venue and give you amazing results. By limiting yourself to only those photographers who’ve been to a certain venue…you are limiting yourself on the available talent in the area. I’ve shot many weddings where it was my first time there and no matter what I encountered, I was able to deliver beautiful images for my couples.

So let me share my top 5 reasons why it shouldn’t matter if your photographer has worked at your venue.


Lighting is the number one ingredient for gorgeous images. I tell my couples all the time that my number one priority on a wedding or portrait session is lighting. And guess what? Lighting changes. It changes day to day and season by season. I’ve been to venues I have shot before and had completely different lighting than the previous visit. I always have to evaluate the lighting conditions and make a plan based on that. If I were on auto-pilot and shooting just in areas that worked last time I might find myself delivering images that are inconsistent with my style.

My knowledge of lighting and how it affects my photos allows me to shoot in a variety of situations. Full sun, open shade, inside, bad weather….I’ve got you.

Scouting locations

If I’ve never been to a venue before and my schedule doesn’t allow me to visit before the wedding day, you can rest assured that I will show up early on the wedding day and walk the grounds, evaluate light and find amazing spots for your portraits.

Fresh Perspective

You shouldn’t rule out a photographer just because they haven’t shot at your venue before. With so many venues in North Texas, I shoot at new locations ALL. THE. TIME. I get my most creative when I see a venue for the first time. It is easy to fall into a sort of routine at venues I have photographed several times. Choosing a photographer who hasn’t been to your venue might be able to capture really cool, out-of-the box portraits that maybe no one else has tried before.

A Good Photographer Can Shoot Anywhere

A good photographer will be able to take beautiful photos anywhere. They can walk into a new venue, scout locations, evaluate lighting and come up with a plan! If your photographer can’t do that…I’d say that is the biggest problem. You need someone who is able to handle challenges and still produce wonderful portraits.

So the bottom line here is that the your photographer’s experience as a wedding photographer is more valuable than their experience at a particular venue. You can usually tell if they are able to shoot a variety of locations and lighting situations by looking through their website and blog. Is there a consistent style in photos taken at different weddings, different venues and different seasons?

Your Connection and their Quality of Work is Way More Important

Your photographer is with you ALLLLL DAY long on your wedding day. You want it to be a person you love being around and love their work. You want someone you 100% trust to capture one of the most important days of your life. Always, I repeat, ALWAYS schedule a consult and talk to them about your wedding day. You will not regret choosing your photographer based on these factors over whether they have been to your venue. I promise.

Just to be clear, working with a photographer who has worked at your venue isn’t a bad thing. However, it shouldn’t be your deciding factor. Check out my images below, all of them were the first time shooting at that venue/location.

Spring Wedding Shoot at Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California
Spring Wedding Shoot at Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California
Chandler’s Garden – Spring
White Sparrow – Winter
Brake and Clutch Warehouse – Winter
Photographer has Worked at Your Venue
Country Clubhouse – Fall
Photographer has Worked at Your Venue
Grand Ivory – Summer
Courthouse – Fall
Photographer has Worked at Your Venue
Aristide Flower Mound – Fall
Barn at Paradise Plantation – Summer
Hidden Pines Highland Village – Summer
Photographer has Worked at Your Venue
Springs Rockwall – Summer
Mitas Hill – Summer
new venue : the olana
The Olana – Fall
Photographer has Worked at Your Venue
The Olana – Fall
Photographer has Worked at Your Venue: It shouldn't matter
Highland Park Village – Spring

So if you’re looking for a wedding photographer, fill out my contact form to see if your wedding day is available! I’d love to photograph your venue whether I’ve been there or not.

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