Camryn and Spencer | Childhood Sweetheart Engagement Session

Engagement Session

September 23, 2021

Dallas Wedding Photography | Camryn and Spencer | Childhood Sweetheart Engagement Session

Camryn and Spencer ‘s Engagement at Murrell Park was absolutely perfect! I loved spending time with these two. Their engagement session resulted in gorgeous images and it also allowed me to have some really awesome time to get to know the two of them.

Did you know these two met in KINDERGARTEN?!!! Can you imagine looking through your kindergarten class pictures and your future spouse’s cute little face is staring back at you? And to make their story even more amazing…when they were 5 years old, Spencer proposed with a Ring Pop on the playground! (cue all the heart-eye emojis)

I think it is so cool that these two literally grew up together and are each other’s very best friend. I cannot wait to see this next chapter of your lives.

They will be getting married at The Milestone Denton next Summer. I’m already so excited because these two are so wonderful and easy to work with. I can tell their wedding day is going to be AMAZING!

I can’t wait to celebrate these two next Summer! Enjoy their engagement at Murrell Park!!

More About The Couple

How did you two meet?

We met on the playground in kindergarten. Spencer actually asked me to marry him with a ring pop on the playground when we were 5.

What was it about your significant other that first attracted you to them?

Spencers since of humor first attracted me to him. Spencer and his brother made up a rap for our 5th grade grade basketball team and would do it before our game every weekend. In high school Spencer would send me snapchats of him singing and dancing to Justin Bieber. He would just do it to make me laugh, he always try’s to make me laugh and it always works! Camryn always had and has a positive beautiful smile and laughter, and it would always make me just enormously happy and excited to see her smile. This is a what attracted me to her, and realized in high school that I always want to be the one that can make her laugh the hardest or smile the biggest because of the pure joy it was to me and to us as we would share that positive moment!

Tell us your engagement story!

Spencer wrote letters everyday for a year of what we did that day or what he loved about me, and most of them said we watched Netflix or played pool at my parents house. He wrote them everyday until our surprise trip to Steamboat Springs Colorado for Christmas. The night we got there we went to an amazing Italian restaurant, while we were there Spencers parents secretly decorated the place with roses and candles. when we walked it there was a beautiful box full of the letters he wrote all year and a ring pop. Spencer read me last letter from December 22, 2020 the day he asked me to marry him it was absolutely amazing and Romantic.

What has you most excited when you think about your wedding day?

Seeing Spencers face at the end of the aisle as I walk down. I am also really excited to party with Spencer and my friends and family.

I can’t wait to see Camryn in her dress because I know she is going to look absolutely gorgeous! It will be a beautiful moment that I will always remember!I know it will be an amazing night with Camryn experiencing joy, smiles, and laughter together with all of our family and friends.

Do you have any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Enjoy it with your partner, make the fun things a big deal, go to the stores and get the scanner gun and have fun with your registry and get all the cake and eat it too.

Do not stress on the small things because the most important reason for the wedding is to cross over to the next big step with your partner in life! No one is going to remember what color linens you had or what type of flower was at the wedding, but what they will remember is the time and joy they got to experience with you guys all together!

How was your overall session experience?

Kimberly is awesome and a joy to be around! She makes it easy for you to understand what pose she knows will look great for the photos, and makes sure your enjoying yourself and laughing so your photos come out perfect!

Share something interesting about your significant other!

Spencer is really good at singing and guitar. He doesn’t play that much but every time I see the guitar off the wall I get so excited.

Camryn knows the words too literally any song that is playing. I have not once experienced a moment with her that she did not know the words to a song, and it always makes me laugh.

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