Why You Should Have a Bridal Session


February 13, 2020

A lot of brides ask “what is a bridal session” and “why should I have one? There are many benefits to doing a bridal session and I’ve never had a single bride regret doing it!

bridal session at the olana

So, let’s start by discussing what a bridal session actually is.

The bride takes portraits typically 1-2 months before the wedding day in her full wedding day attire – this includes: hair, makeup, jewelry, veil, shoes, bouquet, and dress.  The Bridal Portraits are kept a secret until after the wedding ceremony and then generally a large portrait or two from the session will be displayed at the reception near the wedding cake or sign in table. 

bridal session at the olana

Reason # 1 : Hair and Makeup Trial

Most brides schedule a trial with their hair & makeup artists before the wedding day to make sure they love the final look.  Scheduling your bridal session on the same day gives you the opportunity to see your whole look –head to toe– before the big day.  

It is also gives you a chance to talk with your florist about your bouquet and see if any changes need to be made for the actual wedding day. Sometimes brides decide to make changes to size or colors after seeing it paired with the rest of the look.

Bridal session at wildwood inn

Reason # 2 : Pretty Portraits at Reception

You have pretty portraits to display at your reception with you in your dress. Most of the time, these portraits are given to family members post wedding to enjoy. Parents and Grandparents LOVE having these to display in their home.

bridal session at The Springs

Reason #3 : Can You Move in Your Dress?

By the time the bridal session rolls around, you’ve had your dress altered and this gives you the perfect chance to see first hand how it feels moving around in it. If changes need to still be made, most of the time, you still have enough time to get them done before the wedding day.

Reason #4 : Stress Free Portraits

I’ve had some brides ask me “can’t we just do those on the wedding day”? Although, yes, we may be able to grab a few bridal portraits on the wedding day it won’t be the same experience. Usually, on a wedding day we are trying to stay on schedule and working around vendors and guests which makes getting a variety of bridal portraits tricky. Bridal sessions allow you to get gorgeous portraits of you in your dress and allow us the time and flexibility to get really creative–resulting in some amazing portraits for you to look back on.

Reason #5 : Location is Everything

With bridals, you are not confined to your venue…unless you want too and then that is totally fine. You get to decide the look and feel of your bridal session by having a choice in where to shoot them.

Some of my favorite locations for bridal sessions are:

  1. The Dallas Arboretum
  2. Texas Discovery Gardens
  3. Las Colinas Canals
  4. Kimbell Art Museum
  5. Mitas Hill Vineyard

Reason #6 : It is an Experience

Most of the time….women have a wedding one time. Why not enjoy the entire wedding experience? Bring your mom…your best friend…have fun together and then maybe hang out afterward. Don’t look back in 10 or 20 years and regret that you never got to have the full wedding experience.

Brides– don’t miss out on such a beautiful session that celebrates this important time in your life. Having Bridal portraits is totally worth it! I hope you enjoyed this post and if you decide to schedule one, I hope you enjoy your session!!

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