Spring Engagement at Murrell Park | Cailey and Cole


June 19, 2023

Cailey and Cole had an unforgettable Spring engagement session at Murrell Park in Flower Mound, Texas. The setting was absolutely picturesque, with Murrell Park’s scenic beauty providing a stunning backdrop. Although the sky threatened to storm, fate smiled upon them, and the rain held off!

Cailey and Cole’s love story began in high school, where their paths crossed and an unbreakable bond formed. From that moment forward, they embarked on a journey of love, growth, and shared experiences, solidifying their connection year after year. Their love blossomed, and now, they eagerly awaited their upcoming wedding at The Springs Valley View, where they would exchange vows and officially start the next chapter of their lives together.

With every click of the camera shutter, the love between Cailey and Cole became tangible. Their genuine affection and adoration for one another were beautifully encapsulated in their photos.

Here are some of my favorites from their Spring engagement session at Murrell Park.

More About The Couple

How did you two meet?

We met sophomore year of high school when I moved to Oklahoma! We have been together ever since 🙂

What was it about your significant other that first attracted you to them?

When you’re young you just think that your significant other is cute! As we have had to opportunity to grow together there is so much about him that I love; he is patient, caring, loyal and most importantly loves the Lord. It also helps that he is still just as cute as he was in high school!

Tell us your engagement story!

After dating for seven years he finally popped the question! On my birthday, Cole planned a beautiful evening at the Dallas Arboretum where he asked me to spend forever with him! He then planned a surprise birthday/engagement party with all our friends and family. BEST DAY EVER!

What has you most excited when you think about your wedding day?

What is most exciting to think about is getting to marry my best friend with all of our favorite people together!

Do you have any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

My biggest advice would be to surround yourself with family and friends that can help you make decisions and are there for you every step of the way. I also have had a two year engagement which was extremely beneficial when booking vendors!

How was your overall session experience?

Our engagement session with Kimberly was INCREDIBLE! We were nervous as the clouds began to darken that there would be a storm, but it held off! Kimberly is truly a one-of-a-kind photographer, she makes you feel comfortable while having fun! We had a blast that evening and are looking forward to our wedding day with her!

Share something interesting about your significant other!

Cole and I both worked for Santa at the mall during Christmas time in high school 🙂

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