7 Tips For An Amazing Bridal Session


July 5, 2021

You’ve decided to schedule a bridal session! Yay! Bridal sessions are some of my favorite sessions to photograph because we get to take our time and get creative. I also love that my brides feel like a princess and all the elements of their look finally comes together. Many brides ask me how they can prepare for their session so here are 7 tips for you to have an amazing bridal session.

Bridal Session

Have a rain plan and rent a venue!

We live in Texas…and we have a reputation for crazy weather for a reason. Always have a rain plan in place in case you know…it rains. I suggest finding a beautiful studio. There are several around the DFW area that would be perfect to host your bridal session. A couple of my favorites are Pink Pineapple Studios in Bedford or The Lumen Room (they have several locations throughout DFW).

Book your hair + makeup trial.

One of the major perks of having a bridal session is to see what your final look will actually look like on your wedding day. Book your hair and makeup trial on the same day as your bridal session so you can see how all the pieces come together…and how they photograph.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Girls…I love pretty shoes for details but in all seriousness, I don’t see your feet during portraits unless I make a real effort too. So, why not be comfy? You’ll be in a better mood and we’ll be able to walk a lot more if your feet aren’t killing you. Plus. your actual wedding day shoes can stay nice and clean so they’ll photograph perfectly in your bridal detail photos.

Don’t stress about being outside in your dress

I know…dresses are really expensive. I get it. However, you only wear your dress TWO times so why not make sure you get gorgeous pictures of you in it. I promise I won’t ask you to roll around on the ground or trot through mud. And even if it does get a little bit of dirt or grass on the bottom, it should be easy enough to remove before the wedding day. Plus, no one is going to be looking at the bottom hem of your dress with a microscope on your wedding day! So enjoy feeling like a princess and let’s take some pretty pictures.

Bring your jewelry and veil.

 If you’re still on the fence about what jewelry you want to wear on your wedding day, your bridal session is a great time to bring all of your options to see what photographs best. Plus, I like to photograph you putting on your jewelry and I am obsessed with veils.

Bridal Session

Order a Professional Bouquet

Some florists include a complimentary bridal portrait bouquet in their wedding day pricing, so check with them to see if that’s something they offer.  If not, just make sure to bring a bouquet to your session so that you have something to complete your look and give something to do with your hands. I say this time and time again, but real florals photograph so beautifully and give your images a soft, romantic look.

Bridal Session

Bring a Helper

A mom, sister, best friend. Someone that can help you carry your dress, bouquet or be a veil thrower when needed. You’ll never regret having an extra set of hands at your bridal session!

Bridal Session

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