3 Tips to Take Your Own Family Pictures


May 18, 2020

Taking your own family pictures is challenging. I am a professional photographer and it is still pretty difficult. I highly recommend hiring a professional photographer for your yearly family photos so that you can relax and enjoy the experience. However, if you have no other choice, here are 3 tips to take your own family pictures.

#1 Plan Ahead

Plan ahead. Having a plan laid out ahead of time is key. Know exactly what shots you are hoping to get so that you can plan accordingly. I usually try to get the most important shot, all of us as a family, done first. Then, if my kids start losing interest and I can’t reign them back in I’ve got my most important shot!

#2 Bring a Tripod and Pay Attention to Angles

Obviously, if you are going to be taking your own family photos, you’re going to need a really good tripod. Get one that is sturdy and you won’t worry about it blowing over with a little wind. I always try to set my tripod up a little higher and looking down at us. I do this because the most flattering angle is from above…believe me…I’ve had shots taken from below my eye level and it is not flattering.

#3 If possible, download an app to control your camera or invest in a trigger

I’ve done the set a timer and jump into the picture thing and I’ve got to say, I am not a fan. To me, it is way more simple to have a remote that can control my camera from a distance. On my Canon DSLR, there is an app called Camera Connect that allows you to see the camera’s viewfinder, control settings and trigger the camera all from your smart phone. It is a total game changer on those occasions where I am trying to take my own family’s pictures.

Check out these self-portraits from 2016 ! Anna was only a few months old **sigh** My kids are getting so big! These turned out pretty well but I wish I could show you the behind the scenes…meltdowns, insisting that a tree branch be included in our family pictures, goofy faces, tears and one stressed mama. LOL However, we got the pictures I wanted so I can’t complain! I hope you enjoyed my 3 tips to take your own family pictures!

3 Tips to Take Your Own Family Pictures
3 Tips to Take Your Own Family Pictures
3 Tips to Take Your Own Family Pictures

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