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September 18, 2020

This romantic Dallas Arboretum Engagement session is giving me all the feels right now. Macie and John looked stunning for their engagement session! Can you believe this was a morning session? I definitely DO NOT look this amazing early in the morning!

I really enjoyed getting to spend the morning with these two. John even introduced me to a new section of the arboretum that I had never been to. Fun Fact: John actually proposed at the Arboretum last year during the 12 days of Christmas exhibit. It was perfect that they choose to come back to the Arboretum for their engagement session.

Macie and John met when they attended law school together and the rest is history. These two will be saying “I do” at D’Vine Grace vineyards this summer. D’Vine Grace is one of my favorite venues so I know it is going to be Magical!

Here are some of my favorites from Macie and John’s Romantic Dallas Arboretum engagement session. Enjoy!

More about the couple

How did you two meet?

John and I met on the first day of law school orientation at the University of Virginia in 2016 because we were placed in the same section, which pretty much means that we had almost every class together for the first year of law school. Although we didn’t immediately become friends, our section was a very close section, and so naturally, we got to know each other at social gatherings we both attended. Two months into law school, John asked me to go to a country music concert with him and two of our mutual friends. Unfortunately, John played in a softball game (a UVA law school tradition) several hours before we were supposed to go to the concert, and he collided with a base runner and broke his left hand AND his right wrist! We still had not even been on a first date, but I offered to drive him to the hospital. After he was released from the hospital that night, we ended up grabbing Five Guys, and we had our first “date” at John’s kitchen table while John tried to eat a hamburger without being able to use his hands. I even ended up meeting his mom that night!

What was it about your significant other that first attracted you to them?

John: Macie has a natural glow about her that makes her immediately stick out in a room. She has the most genuine smile, and just talking to her for the first time, you can tell how sweet she is and how much joy she brings to everyone around her. Talk with her for just five minutes, and you’ll feel like you’re talking to one of your best friends that you’ve known forever. Macie: John is just one of the most caring people. He truly puts other people above himself, which is such a testament to his faith in Christ. He also is incredibly smart, so handsome, and overall just the best guy. 🙂

Tell us your engagement story!

We got engaged November 27, 2019, at the Dallas Arboretum. Because we had been dating for right around 3 years, John had to be particularly cautious while planning to propose so that I wouldn’t anticipate it, and so he decided to propose on my birthday! We had both gotten off work a few hours early (because Thanksgiving was the next day), and he planned a surprise birthday dinner with both of our families. At dinner, John gave me several birthday gifts, one of which was tickets for us and both of our parents to go see the 12 Days of Christmas lights exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum after dinner. We walked through the Arboretum looking at all the lights, and when we were in front of the huge Christmas tree, John proposed!!

What has you most excited when you think about your wedding day?

After dating for so long, we are both just so excited to finally be married and start the next chapter of our lives together!

Romantic Dallas Arboretum Engagement
Romantic Dallas Arboretum Engagement

Do you have any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Honestly, I find it hard to give much advice when we are really just starting off (we postponed wedding planning for a while due to COVID-19), but for us, we are trying to keep the meaning of the wedding day in perspective. While we would love for everything to be exactly how we hope and envision (particularly being two perfectionists), we also know that the day is just a celebration of getting to spend life together, so we are trying not to get overwhelmed by the stress that can happen while planning the wedding (MUCH harder said than done lol) and trying to focus on how excited we are to get married.

Romantic Dallas Arboretum Engagement
Romantic Dallas Arboretum Engagement

How was your overall session experience?

We had just an amazing time. Kimberly is absolutely fantastic, and her personality is really everything we wanted in a photographer!! She’s so friendly and outgoing,, and she gives great direction. She also let us quickly see a few pictures on her camera right after she took them, and I loved that she did that. Very excited she will be the one with us on our wedding day!

Romantic Dallas Arboretum Engagement

Share something interesting about your significant other!

John: Macie is incredibly gifted when it comes to music. She is a great singer, and she taught herself how to play the guitar and the piano. She can listen to a song and almost immediately pick up the melody on the piano and start playing it. Listening to her sing and play a new song is one of my favorite things to do with her! Macie: John loves to go scuba diving — even though that is something that would TERRIFY me! He’s been on several diving trips with his parents, but most recently, he went on a week long diving trip in Fiji!

Romantic Dallas Arboretum Engagement
Romantic Dallas Arboretum Engagement
Romantic Dallas Arboretum Engagement
Romantic Dallas Arboretum Engagement

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If you are looking for a wedding photographer — I would love to chat about your wedding day and see if we would be a good fit!

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