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July 29, 2021

Kimberly Harrell Photo and Films. Wait, what? Yes, you heard me, I have added videography to my list of services. Fun fact: My degree is actually in radio, television and film! So I am super excited to start offering video to my couples.

Below, you’ll find some recent highlight films I did for previous KHP couples. Plus, I’ll go over the difference between highlight films and documentary wedding films. I hope you enjoy!

What is a Highlight Film?

Highlight wedding films are a newer form of wedding videos that have become more and more common. Highlight films are a shorter edit usually cut to music and may or may not include voice-overs. I like to think of these almost as a little teaser trailer showcasing the biggest moments of your day. It is also short enough that you can share to social media.


-They are short enough that you can share online

-Since these are shorter films, they are usually more budget friendly.


-They don’t showcase all the big moments of your day

What is a Documentary Wedding Film?

These are going to be longer films that showcase more highlights from the day. Instead of a trailer, this would be like your own wedding movie. You can watch it over and over to relive all the best moments of your wedding day. My wedding films are 15-20 minutes in length and include highlights from every part of the wedding day.


-you get more footage in your film to help you remember all the best moments of your wedding day.


-They are much longer than highlight films so that means more coverage and more editing which can be pricey.

-These longer films are harder to share online because of their size and length.

Which is Right for you?

Both are really great options, you get a highlight film with all the documentary wedding films. I think it really depends on whether you think you would sit down and watch the longer format video. It definitely has more footage of your actual wedding day.


What equipment do you have?

I currently use two canon Mark IV’s for video, a ronin rs2 gimble for smooth walking shots, sound equipment that can hook up to the DJ’s equipment to record sound going in through mics and we have a recorder that can be hooked up to the groom or officiant to record sound as well. We also have three video lights.

If you are photographing my wedding, who is shooting video?

I have partnered with my wonderful husband who shoots the footage and then I edit it. I love being a husband and wife team because we really work well together and are each invested in making sure both of us get the shots we need.

If you are looking for a videographer, I’d love you to consider Kimberly Harrell Photo and Films. Fill out my contact page and I can send you my current pricing.

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