Jordan and Dustin’s Fall Engagement at Murrell Park

Engagement Session

October 19, 2020

Jordan and Dustin’s Fall Engagement at Murrell Park was exactly what I had hoped for. Two people completely smitten with each other, nice weather and plenty of conversation. The thing that makes this engagement session even more perfect…is the fact that on these cliffs was were Dustin first told Jordan that he loved her! Alright….cue all the heart emojis because that is just too amazing!

These two lovebirds will be tying the knot next year at The Big White Barn. I am super excited that I get to capture their special day!

Here are some of my favorites from Jordan and Dustin’s Fall Engagement at Murrell Park. Enjoy!

More about the couple

How did you two meet?

Dustin and I met in 2015 in Kennard, Texas through family and friend gatherings every New Years where we would all light fireworks and sit around the fire. Each New Years we got to know each other more and more. We started dating in April of 2018.

What was it about your significant other that first attracted you to them?

Dustin – ” I was attracted to Jordan’s beautiful blue eyes and her willingness to go on any adventure with me.” Jordan – “I was most attracted to Dustin’s big heart, caring nature, and work ethic.”

Jordan and Dustin's Fall Engagement at murrell park
Jordan and Dustin's Fall Engagement at murrell park

Tell us your engagement story!

In our first year of dating Dustin and I went on vacation with his family to the Nueces River in Uvalde. This year we returned to Uvalde and stayed at the same place on the Nueces River. On vacation we enjoyed walking the shallow river and looking for rocks in the clear water. On our first trip I found a rock with a hole through it that fit perfectly around my finger and I joked around with Dustin that we found the perfect wedding ring. Dustin held on to that rock for 2 years and brought it back to the Nueces River on our next trip. Dustin walked me down to the river and proposed to me in the water with my ring rock which he had written on it “Will you marry me?”.

Jordan and Dustin's Fall Engagement at murrell park

What has you most excited when you think about your wedding day?

We are most excited about celebrating all of our friends and families coming together as we take on a new chapter of our lives.

Do you have any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Cherish every moment of the process and enjoy going through the process with your partner!

Jordan and Dustin's Fall Engagement

How was your overall session experience?

Dustin and I had such a fun time together during our session. Kimberly had us laughing and giggling together and we felt very comfortable! Kimberly’s energy, excitement, and passion for photography is contagious and it reflects through her pictures. Dustin and I cannot wait for our wedding day pictures! When Dustin and I were pulling up to our meeting spot for our session we were taken down memory lane . We realized that we had spent an evening in that exact spot over 2 years ago. On that night Dustin had told me that he loved me for the first time.

Jordan and Dustin's Fall Engagement

Share something interesting about your significant other!

Dustin went to Sam Houston and is an Agricultural Engineer. He enjoys duck hunting with his Labrador Retriever, Chief. Jordan went to Lamar University where she played college soccer for 2 years and then transferred to UNT where she graduated with a degree in Teaching Special Education. Together we have two dogs that we adore, Chief our Labrador Retriever and Gracie our Standard Poodle.

Jordan and Dustin's Fall Engagement

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    That is a beautiful story for a beautiful couple, your photos look so sweet! Congratulations you two lovebirds!

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