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Engagement Session

May 22, 2021

Highland Park Village Engagement Session

Lauren and Adam’s engagement session at Highland Park Village was so much fun! It was the first time I had ever visited and it had so many cool places to take pictures (and just hang out)! I loved the colorful tiled stairways and ivy lined walls! Plus, These two are just as sweet as can be. As soon as she walked up, Lauren gave me a big hug…and let me tell you, after a year of Covid social distancing…it was a breath of fresh air to just be human and interact! <3

Lauren and Adam are getting married next May at The Room on Main! So excited for them and so happy to be able to capture their special day! Congratulations you guys and thanks for choosing me to be your official third wheel! LOL

Here are some of my favorites from their engagement session! Enjoy!!!

Highland Park Village Engagement
Highland Park Village Engagement

About the Couple

How did you two meet?

We met in college at Auburn University! I saw Adam at a tailgate and looked at my friend and said that guy is so cute! We then met through a mutual friend.

Highland Park Village Engagement

What was it about your significant other that first attracted you to them?

For Adam, I was attracted to his blue eyes, smile and his kind heart! I had never met a gentleman like him before and he was just different than anyone I have ever met!

For Lauren, her vibrant and fun-loving personality gave me an immediate level of comfort with her. Her smile was contagious and made me feel instant joy.

Highland Park Village Engagement

Tell us your engagement story!

Adam and I went to Dallas for the weekend to look at apartments before we moved out here in January. It was the end of November and he totally had me fooled all day long, even though I am so nosy! I really had no idea until we got to the arboretum and he started acting really funny, then I assumed it would be coming soon. We got in front of the Christmas tree and he said so many sweet things and asked me to marry him! He hired two photographers and I was in shock the whole time we were taking pictures. We stayed at Hotel Crecent Court and he had dinner reservations downtown and just spent the night calling family and friends and enjoying the moment! It was super sweet and I loved just being alone together!

Highland Park Village Engagement

What has you most excited when you think about your wedding day?

Just getting married and committing to each other in front of all our closest family and friends! We are just so excited to celebrate our marriage and start our life together as husband and wife.

Highland Park Village Engagement

Do you have any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Start planning right away! You don’t have to have everything figured out, but go ahead and book the vendors that are really important to you because the earlier you book, the more options you will have.

 Highland Park Village Engagement

How was your overall session experience?

We had an amazing session with Kimberly! She made taking photos so fun, easy and we felt so comfortable around her. It was really important to us to have a photographer that we enjoyed and connected with, and we feel like Kimberly was just that!

Highland Park Village Engagement

Share something interesting about your significant other!

Although Adam and I have many opposite characteristics and tendencies, these differences bring balance to our relationship and allow us to appreciate each other on a different level.

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do! Trying to find a photographer for your wedding day? Click here to see if your date is available!

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