Highland Park Maternity | Merritt and Peter


December 6, 2021

Highland Park Maternity Session | Davis Park | Dallas Family Photographer

Merritt and Peter and their stunning Highland Park maternity session is one that I just could not wait to share on the blog!

The sunset, the beauty of Davis Park, their outfits and of course Merritt and Peter themselves could not have been more perfect. These two are so adorable and so completely head-over-heels in love. I loved watching them together and just how Peter looks at his wife…so much love!

I know that their little girl is so lucky to have such amazing parents! I for one can’t wait to see her! I know Merritt is going to have her in the cutest bows!

Thank you guys for trusting me to capture this new season of your life. Motherhood is so special and I couldn’t be happier for you!

Enjoy some of my favorite images from Merritt and Peter’s Highland Park Maternity Session!

Highland Park Maternity
Highland Park Maternity

About the Pregnancy

How did you find out you were pregnant?

I had a feeling and took a test after our honeymoon. Even though I kind of knew, i was still so surprised. It took me a couple of days to tell Peter!

Highland Park Maternity

How Did You Announce Your Pregnancy?

We didn’t tell anyone except parents until my midwife gave us the all clear. And then we just shared a cute pic!

Highland Park Maternity
Highland Park Maternity

How Did You Find out the Gender?

I had our midwife call us as soon as the results came in – we were dying to know!!!

What are you most excited about becoming a mother?

I can’t wait to share all the things I loved as a little girl with her and just watching her grow and learn. I love the sweet innocence of babies and children, I just can’t wait to have a house full of family and joy!

Highland Park Maternity
Highland Park Maternity

How is your pregnancy so far?

What are some special moments that you will always remember? Any strong cravings? Any insecurities?It feels like it has gone by so fast! The first trimester was terrible but since then, it hasn’t been bad! I do have some aversions I won’t miss – haven’t had a cup of coffee since July so I am looking forward to having espresso again. Honestly I haven’t had any strong specific cravings, I’m just a lot hungrier all the time!

Highland Park Maternity

How was your overall session experience with Kimberly Harrell Photography?

It was wonderful! We are so excited to see our photos!

Highland Park Maternity
Highland Park Maternity
Highland Park Maternity
Highland Park Maternity

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