Flat Lay Finds for Wedding Photographers


December 4, 2019

Here are some flat lay finds for wedding photographers or for brides…if you want to ensure you have matching details for your wedding flat lays.

I have been slowly building up my stock pile of items that I can bring to wedding days and feel like I can pretty well match whatever colors my couple choose.

These are just some of the things I have found to be really helpful to have in my styling kit for weddings. Best of all, most of my items can be found on my favorite online retailer – AMAZON! I seriously LOVE the washi tape because it comes in various sizes and I use it for adding depth in my images..simply stack your washi tape to your desired height. I have also found that I use those soy sauce dishes as ring holders (they are the perfect size) and I use them for risers as well!

Flat Lay Finds for Wedding Photographers

Of course….you will also need a nifty way of storing all your new goodies.This little craft organizer is the perfect solution for all my little styling details and its super easy to bring with me on a wedding day. I also have the makeup travel bag which had compartments to house my details but since I have sooo many styling details, I needed the large craft organizer.

Obviously, I may have a slight addiction to Amazon. 🙂 Be sure to check out Etsy and Hobby Lobby for more Flat Lay Finds for Wedding Photographers!

Here are some of my favorite Flat Lays:

Wedding ring box
wedding flat lay
Flat Lay Finds for Wedding Photographers

Love that vintage hanger as much as I do? Find it here!

Flat Lay Finds for Wedding Photographers

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