Dallas Arboretum Engagement Session | Kelly and Curt

Engagement Session

January 20, 2021

Dallas Wedding Photographer | Kimberly Harrell

Imagine looking at your middle school class picture and seeing your soon-to-be husband or wife staring back at you? That is where Kelly and Curt’s story begins. And it just keeps getting better.

Kelly and Curt’s Dallas Arboretum Engagement session was everything I could ask for and more! This session was really special because I knew Curt before he became engaged. In fact, fun fact….both the bride and groom went to the Middle school that I taught at!! However, it wasn’t until they went to OU that sparks really started to fly! Kelly gushed that one of the things that really made her fall in love with Curt was how caring and gentlemen like he was. “He’d carry my books and walk me to class” It started as a friendship and then turned into something more…much more. I am a firm believer that the best relationships begin as friendships. After all, what could possibly be better than marrying your best friend?

I am so excited for these to tie the knot at Hillside Estate this August! They will be one of the very first couples to get married at this gorgeous newly built venue.

Kelly and Curt, Thank you so much for letting me capture this sweet season of your lives. I can’t even tell you what an honor it is to get to be there to help you celebrate. I am so stinking happy for you both! Enjoy some of my favorites (because there were a lot) from Kelly and Curt’s Dallas Arboretum Engagement Session.

dallas arboretum engagement session

More About the Couple

How did you two meet?

Curt and I are from the same hometown, so we technically met in middle school. However, we didn’t form a friendship until our freshman year of college at the University of Oklahoma. We got to know each other by walking to and from our multiple classes together. The summer after our freshman year, Curt asked me to be his girlfriend!

dallas arboretum engagement session

What was it about your significant other that first attracted you to them?

Kelly – I was first attracted to Curt’s intentionality in his actions and conversations with me!

Curt РHer joy. Kelly’s natural inclination is to be happy and joyful and that energy is contagious. When she walks into a room, it brightens up. She is incredibly intentional with everyone she interacts with and that joy is easy to see.

dallas arboretum engagement session

Tell us your engagement story!

Curt knew it was going to be tough to surprise me, so he planned for us to go on a “double date” with his younger brother that also goes to OU. The plan was to meet at the OKC Myriad Gardens to go ice skating and end the night with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. It sounded like the perfect double date to me! After arriving to the Myriad Gardens in Oklahoma City, Curt told me that we were not going ice skating after all…He walked me to the spot where he asked me to be his girlfriend. There was a blanket with flowers, candles, and a bible with “Kelly Watson” engraved on it. Curt said a bunch of sweet words and popped the question!

dallas arboretum engagement session

What has you most excited when you think about your wedding day?

Kelly – I am most excited to see Curt for the first time on our wedding day and celebrate with our closest friends and family!

Curt – Marrying my best friend. Kelly and I are both very different, but we compliment each other beautifully. I cannot wait for the day where we no longer have to say goodbye at night, and we can continue to grow and learn together!

dallas arboretum engagement session
dallas arboretum engagement session

Do you have any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Make sure to plan quality time with each other that doesn’t involve wedding planning!

dallas arboretum engagement session
dallas arboretum engagement session

How was your overall session experience?

It was AMAZING! Kim made us feel so comfortable and confident!

Share something interesting about your significant other!

Kelly – Curt is an excellent two step dance partner, and he likes to show off the “pretzel” on the dance floor.

Curt – Kelly is normally a calm and composed individual, but whenever she sees a dog she turns into a child. There are very few things that make her as giddy as seeing a puppy or being reunited with her two labs after a long time apart.

dallas arboretum engagement session

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  1. Cristi Watson says:

    Absolutely stunning, Kimberly! You did an exceptional job capturing this exciting time!! XOXO

  2. Victoria says:

    Very delighted for you both!!

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