Christmas Tree Farm Engagement Session | Racey and Austin

Engagement Session

June 27, 2020

Christmas Tree Farm Engagement Session…in June? Yes, yes we did. It was absolutely perfect too! I loved getting to know Racey and Austin better and getting to talk all about their January wedding at The Grand Ivory..which will also be Christmas themed!

Racey talked all about how she wanted to line the open air chapel with Christmas Trees and have a winter wonderland theme to the whole day. I am excited! I think it sounds absolutely beautiful!

Racey and Austin, thanks for choosing me as your wedding photographer. It is an honor to capture such a special time in your life. Here are some of my favorite images from their Christmas Tree Farm engagement session at Walls Family Farm.

Christmas Tree Farm Engagement
Christmas Tree Farm Engagement
Christmas Tree Farm Engagement
Christmas Tree Farm Engagement

More about the couple

How did you two meet?

Austin and Racey met in high school in the AG classroom. They were both in FFA but Austin wasn’t quite as involved as Racey was. Racey had been an officer since middle school but Austin’s only interest was welding. For Austin’s senior year of school he became an FFA officer to be able to see more of Racey. He started to spend a lot more time working on things for the organization. Although Racey could tell Austin was interested and everyone told her he was only doing these things for her, it still took a while for him to ask her out. About 6 years later, here we are planning our wedding that we have been talking about since we were teenagers.

What was it about your significant other that first attracted you to them?

Austin- Racey’s blue eyes and when she made me chili.

Racey- Austin’s sense of humor and how he can always make anyone laugh!

Christmas Tree Farm Engagement

Tell us your engagement story!

We were supposed to take family pictures with my (Racey’s) family but it ended up being a rainy day and could not. Everyone told me that we were moving the shoot inside and we’ were meeting at my sisters house. I was yelling at Austin the whole way there because he was driving extremely slow on the highway. Little did I know he was stalling to make sure everyone else got there before us. When we walked into my sisters house all of our closest friends and family were standing in the living room with a sign that said “Will you marry me?” After we were able to eat dinner and celebrate with our families.

What has you most excited when you think about your wedding day?

Driving away as a married couple when the night is over and we finally get to start our lives as husband and wife.

Do you have any advice for other couples planning their wedding?

Do what makes you happy! Don’t let others influence you into doing something that doesn’t feel like you. If you want a small intimate wedding. DO IT! If you want a huge party with fancy things, DO IT! Just do what makes y’all happy.

What has been your favorite thing about being engaged?

Austin- Seeing Racey get excited about planning out the details of the wedding day.

Racey- Officially putting all the wedding plans I made 6 years ago into action!

Share something interesting about your significant other!

Austin can eat a chicken flat in one swift bite. He’s actually very proud of that.

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