5 Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

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April 7, 2020

I love traveling. I feel like I am pretty good at researching, finding good deals, reading reviews, figuring out what works well with our credit card points and then actually booking everything! It works out well because Aaron hates the planning process of a vacation and I actually like it. In this article, I will  be sharing 5 tips for planning your honeymoon that may be helpful as you are trying to make big decisions about where to go, what to spend and what will be a great fit for you as a couple!


Debt can cause a lot of stress on a new marriage.  One thing you want to avoid is coming home from your Honeymoon with a pile of credit card debt. I would suggest avoiding this throughout your marriage to be perfectly honest. There are amazing, affordable options for honeymoons.  Don’t feel like you have to keep up with the Kardashians and go to crazy locations.  However, if your budget allows for a crazy location then by all means go for it!  I have always wanted to stay in a see through roof igloo under the northern lights but we’re still waiting for that to  become a reality. Remember, your honeymoon is a  big deal but you have decades of anniversary trips  ahead of you! 


This may sound super simple but let me explain.  My husband and I  vacation very  differently.  Aaron’s family grew up going to the beach and sitting on the sand all day and then going out to dinner every night. Aaron even likes to have “off” days during vacations where we don’t do anything at all.  It really has a focus on relaxing more than seeing and doing. My family did road trip adventures and never sat still.  So, for example, on our honeymoon we planned a Hawaii vacation where we island hopped,  because it was enough adventure for me to  get to visit multiple islands and Aaron had lazy days where we would just  lay by the pool and chill.   It’s actually a good challenge to try to plan trips where we can both experience what we love on trips. It could be that you’re both very similar in the way you love to travel and that’s awesome!  No matter what your dynamic is, I recommend checking in with one another about your Honeymoon expectations as you plan.  This can save you from a lot of unmet expectations and tensions that could arise on your trip. 


I know a lot of people are big fans of all inclusive vacation options!  It is so nice to not have to worry about the budget once your honeymoon begins. Something to consider about all-inclusive resorts or cruises is that you would more than likely be spending a lot of time at the resort and so you’ll want to do some thorough research about the pools, the beach amenities, reviews on the food, etc.  

Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon


This can be a touchy subject for some.  Being financially responsible is very important to both me and Aaron , but we have credit cards that we use daily and pay off monthly so that we rack up great credit card points.  The year before you get married can be full of some decently large expenses.  If you have a credit card with great points, be sure to use any large purchases to your advantage so that you can collect points to use on your honeymoon. (Just to be sure you don’t hear me saying “go into debt!”, only spend what you can afford and what is wise!)  I am a little obsessed with getting the most out of my credit card points!  There is so much that you can get for free simply by doing your research.   Some cards offer special bonus points during your first three months so be sure to look into those options.  

Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon
Yes….I did indeed climb this pyramid! The views were spectacular!


If you are staying at a resort or on a cruise there are normally options to do great excursions that will allow you to see more of the area, go shopping, do something active or visit a historical site.  Again with my vacation style , I like  to be doing things ALL.THE.TIME.  We have done zip lining, kayaking, snorkeling, hikes, four wheeler tours, horseback riding,  etc.  These are an added cost and they can add up quick so be sure to list them out by priority.  Be sure to read reviews on Trip Advisor about the excursions and look for honest feedback about whether or not it’s worth the investment! 

Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon
Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

I hope you found this blog on 5 tips for Planning Your Honeymoon helpful! Let me know if you have any other tips in the comments!

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